Sunday, June 21, 2009

Coming Soon...

When my wife Charlene and I decided to get married, we weren't really able to find wedding invitations and favors that we felt were targeted to us. searching left us tired and frustrated. We were lucky that I had the illustration skills to create our own favors, thank you cards, etc that reflected our style, but we knew other people like us might not be so lucky, so we've decided to start a business together, and we want you along with us. we have decided WHAT we want to do, and WHO we want to do it for... the next step is deciding HOW we're going to do it! my wife is a professional researcher, so i expect we'll get it all figured out in no time flat! in the meantime, please subscribe to this blog's updates in whatever way you like, i'll keep you posted on our progress! and we welcome all kinds of feedback, whether comments, or email (use our cell numbers if you've got 'em!), or whatever as we hammer out our business plan!
love, peace, etc.

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