Monday, June 7, 2010

In Pursuit of a Green Planet

I recently got an email from hip hop activist Keith Tucker about a documentary he's working on about the intersection of hip hop culture and green living.
"Pursuit of a Green Planet is a documentary film project that looks at the intersection of Hip Hop and the Green Movement through an exploration of food and health issues in poor and urban communities. The film focuses on Keith Tucker, a regular guy who will become a living experiment as he makes the radical transition from your average American diet and lifestyle to a truly green, organic vegan lifestyle. He will be our guide on a journey of discovery as we learn how our food today actually makes us sick, the role corporations play in determining what we consume, the history of chemicals in our food chain, how our everyday eating habits can become deadly and what we can do to combat these realities. This will be an amazing opportunity for health professionals to study, evaluate and gain knowledge of the human body, particularly when it pertains to eating the various foods in our common American diet.

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