Thursday, August 19, 2010

Invitations to Marley's 2nd BEE-day Party

We are gearing up to celebrate our daughter Marley's 2nd borniversary, and that includes making invitations to the party!
She was born on September 9th, but we will wait until Saturday the 11th to throw the party! This is the web version of the invite, so it doesn't have our home address and phone number on it (we're kinda crazy, but not THAT crazy!). If you want to contribute to the BEE-Day festivities, just let us know! we are super-thankful for all our friends, in the regular world and the virtual one!
There will also be little stickers, games and other printed stuff to fit the motif.  Eventually, we will offer similar packages of fun stuff to our customers... We get happy just thinking about it! anyways, hope you like the artwork!
have a great day!

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